Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jenna's Modeling Shoot

Jenna proved to be quite photogenic when I took her to Sears to get her pictures taken. Now that we have both Jenna and Kristin's pictures back I can send them out to family and friends. Gramma's if you have a preference for what pose you receive of Jenna, let me know.

Happy Birthday to Jenna!

The Brownie Massacre

It has been a busy few weeks since my last post. I am in my third week of epidemiology for my public health degree and trying to keep up with my homework between housework and chasing the kids around.
If you didn't already know, we put an offer in on a house this past Monday. It is in pre-forclosure and we are told not to get our hopes up too high, but it has still been a long week waiting to hear if our offer will be accepted. It is a nice house that could use a little love, but it has almost 2.5 acres and we would love to have some room for the kids to run around. It would mean a longer commute for Jason, but in exchange for the privacy and space we were willing to put in an offer anyway.

There haven't been any noteworthy mishaps with Jenna this week, so I will post pictures of the brownie massacre. Jason and I picked up a brownie box mix at the store a few weeks ago and looked forward to eating our brownies. This particular mix came with a packet of frosting that you put in a bowl to warm up and then spread on the brownies after they baked. Well, we baked our brownies and as they came out of the oven I filled up a bowl of water to warm the frosting. I dished up the brownies and Jason and I enjoyed a serving of the fresh baked brownies with ice cream. Jenna helped us eat the brownies and then I gathered up the bowls and spoons to carry them back to the kitchen. We have learned that it if it is quiet in our house for any length of time we need to be worried and see what Jenna has been up to ASAP. I went to the kitchen and found Jenna 'stirring' the fresh baked brownies. (she opened the oven door to reach the cooling brownies on the stove top...the oven was cool by now) Jenna has pulled this trick before and it usually results in slightly mutilated, but still tasty treats. Not this time! Jenna wanted to help cook, so she poured the bowl of warm water (that I left next to the stove in my haste to enjoy my brownie) on top of the fresh baked brownies and was stirring the resulting sloshy mess. I love Jenna, but for the next couple days Jason and I walked around the house saying "A Brownie sure sounds good about now."

Kristin is staying busy with her school work. Her teacher has been cracking down a little on incomplete work since the new year and it has been an adjustment for Kristin since she takes her time on her assignments. She loves art class and is always bringing home library books that we think are an interesting choice for a first grade student. Usually it is books about animals, but on her last trip to the library it was a book about volcanoes. She is looking forward to being back in school on Tuesday because it is upside down day. Once a month her school serves breakfast foods for lunch on upside down day and she has made a special request to eat school lunch that day.

I am looking forward to having her home tomorrow. We plan on frosting and decorating sugar cookies.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

White House Tour

These are pictures from our tour of the White House. Boy am I glad that I found that slide show thingy- It would have taken forever to email all of these. Sorry it took so long to get these out to you all. I plan to get some pictures up from Christmas and Jenna's birthday in the next few days.

Our turn!

I have had so much fun keeping up with other family members and friends by checking out there blogs, I decided to jump on the band wagon and start a blog for our family.

Since we are so far from family, we spend quite a bit of our time on the phone letting you all know what Jenna has gotten into lately, and how Kristin is doing in school. This blog is to benefit you all. Now if you want to know what we are up to here is a place to see.