Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sadie's First Smiles

I caught Sadie in a good mood a few days ago. She thought the flash was funny so she smiled after I took each picture. It took a while, but eventually I was able to get these pictures of her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I make stuff : )

Hi again, another random post featuring the family and stuff I have made recently: (Making this stuff is why I don't get this updated very often)

Tag Monster for a 1 year old's Birthday gift:

Jenna's new skirt (I came up with the pattern for this as well)

Sadie's knot dress ( minus the buttonholes...that's why the straps aren't attached)

Jenna's knot dress (held up with clothes pins because I haven't done the button holes yet for her dress either)

These were all made within the past two weeks, I have a few more things I've been working on (3 more skirts and 2 more dresses, but they aren't done yet) I just wanted to share what I've been working on lately.

Jason, Sadie and Kristin have been playing soccer in the back yard:

And Jenna has been making sure Sadie's toes stay fuzzy free:

Sadie had her 2 month check up Tuesday. She is 10 lbs 8 ox and 22.5 inches long. She has a bit of thrush she is getting treated for, but otherwise is doing great. Here are some pictures of her taken on at 2 months old:

And last Sadie trying out her petti skirt (the first picture is my favorite):

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random thoughts

I have so many clever friends...someday I'll attemp a humorous post but for now I'll add more kid funnies:

Mom- Jenna, you are a smartie (in response to something clever Jenna said)
Jenna- nuh-uh!
Mom- why not?
Jenna- 'cause I'm a sweet tart!

Sadie- eeh, goo!
(That's right- little miss Sadie has discovered her voice!)

Miss Sadie is 2 months old today! She started smiling about 2 weeks ago, it is still hit and mmiss, but it's adorable.

Snow dumped on our part of the country earlier this week resulting in about a foot of snow and 2 snow days...ironically we are slated to reach 70 degrees by Sunday.

Being the creative genius- strike that- GOOBER that I am I entered a contest this week. I was looking for some spring fabric for the girls and came across a fabric store who was running a contest to 'name that set'. It was an outfit made with monkey pirate fabric- not sure why, but that is what it was. Anyway, if you submitted a name for it and your name suggestion was chosen as the favorite then you would win a free pattern. My suggestion? CHIMPS AHOY! My pattern should be here early next week. :)

And with that, the baby cries...I'll be back later with pictures.