Friday, March 7, 2008


I had Jenna try on her spring clothes yesterday so I could see if everything fits. Amanda was going to help me try and decide if I should return anything. I posted this here because it was the fastest way to load a ton of pictures. If you like or don't like any of her little outfits, your feedback is welcome too.
Amanda, what do you think?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

want email updates?

I know I am sporadic with the updates, so I added a button at the bottom of the page, if you want to be notified when there is an update you can put in your email address and it will email you when there is a new post.

Rollin' in the Wal-Mart aisles!

My kids are nuts and they never fail to amuse me or the line of people standing behind us in the check out line at Wal Mart. Both girls were sitting on the cart... it was the kind that had two big plastic bucket seats, not the kind where I would have to use my super human strength and lift Kristin over my head and into the basket. Anyway, I am standing in front of the cart pulling the two of them behind me, when I hear an exchange that goes something like this:
Krisin to Jenna "Got your nose!"
Jenna "Give it back!"
Kristin "Only if you give me 100 million dollars"
Lady in line behind us "snicker, snicker"
Jenna" Okay, here you go"
Kristin (while throwing up Jenna's nose) "BBBBLLLLLLLLAAAAAEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH"
This is followed by laughter and tears as the people behind us and I try to collect ourselves and continue with our transactions.

I have two more Jenna funnies...either it is the age, or Jenna is particularly silly. Jenna has recently discovered the word sister. In the morning after Jason goes to work and Kristin goes to school, Jenna will ask "mommy, where did my sister Kristin go?" "She went to school" which is followed by "mommy, where did my sister Daddy go?"

Jenna asked for a string cheese last week and after eating a few bites, came running to me to announce that she was an elephant:

And, because I am on a roll, I will share a Jason funny. Poor Jason, living with 3 girls has to be tough for him. A phrase you hear frequently around here is "Good Girl". Jenna makes sure to announce to us when she thinks we are being a good girl, Jason included. We went to a friends house and I can't remember the circumstances, but Jason must have been pretty impressed with his buddy, because he proclaimed he was a good girl. I'm sure this would be funnier if I remembered the set up, but I don't so next time you encounter a mid twenty something guy, make sure to tell him he is a good girl and report back on his reaction. Then you will understand why this was so funny.

And in parting, last week Jenna was inspecting a freckle on Jasons arm. "Oh, no Dad! You have a boo boo!" Dad "It's okay Jenna, it is just a freckle." Jenna "It hurt?" Dad "No." Jenna "Don't worry, I'm a doctor."

New House, New Car

In a previous post I mentioned that we withdrew our offer on the house down south and will be renting instead. We found a 5 bedroom 3.5 bath with a 2 car garage that was amazingly enough in our price range. We won't move in for a couple months, but we are excited to finally have some storage space. We definitely have room for visitors, and we can offer you your own guest room...although it unfurnished. We'll work on that, but we would love to have any of our friends or family come for a visit.

After Jason's car was totalled we started shopping for a new car. We decided to replace what has been our family car, so in the interest of looking for something that would fit our family for the long term, we got a 2005 Chevy Tahoe. The girls love it because they can watch DVD's in the car and I love it because it has Driver Memory and heated seats. Jason is pretty happy that it has luggage racks and a tow hitch, so I think everyone got a little something they can enjoy out of it.

I will post some pictures of the house once we move in and the car I can put pictures up if you want, but it is just a car...

Jason's Birthday

Poor Jason! His actual birthday was pretty crappy. Work suprised him by letting him know that he would be working late that day. He had already made himself a german chocolate cake a week before his birthday and said he didn't want another one. I made him breakfast in bed. I think I made pancakes, but I can't remember...what ever it was, it had a great big candle on top.

Luckily, I had planned something I thought he would enjoy the week prior to his birthday. We went on a Spy City Tour of Washington DC and toured the International Spy Museum. It was really interesting. I took a few pictures of the city tour, but no cameras were allowed in the museum. When you first get into the museum, you have to assume an alias. It has been a few weeks now, so I will see how much I can remember. My name was ....umm...., and I am a 31 year old German Astrologist. I am traveling on business to ...uhhh....some city in France. I will be staying for 1 week. I was born in ...doh!...some city in Germany... So I don't remember much of it now, but it was fun. Here are a few pictures from the tour. Amanda, Rachael and Jared, the first two pictures are where Mom and Dad used to work:
I know the pictures are fuzzy, but the last picture sign says it is the J Edgar Hoover building.

Nature is gross!

So, Kristin got an ant farm for her birthday. I now count to 18 at least 80 times a day. The ants have been fairly boring so far. It is interesting to watch them, but they still creep me out a little. We actually had 19, but one died and the rest of the ants quickly dismembered it. I don't have the heart to tell Kristin yet, I'm hoping they will do a better job disposing of the remains. Nature is gross!

Anyway, they are very low maintenance, but I am a little compulsive about the head counts. Here are our new "family members": (the first three are when they were new the last one is about 2 weeks later)

Kristin's Birthday

If Kristin looks a little under the weather, she woke up with a high temperature that morning and spent most of the day in bed. The pictures are pretty self explanatory. Kristin requested a mountain climbing cake, so I made her a dome shaped ice cream cake. The sprinkles are the little things you would grab on to if you were climbing a wall. She loved it and it tasted good, too.