Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trying on more clothes

Some of the clothes I got for Jenna last time went back so this is her newest session of trying on her spring/summer clothes. I know not everyone is interested in her clothes, but she can be quite sassy when she is getting her pictures taken, so I'll share them anyway. Jasons mom crocheted the beautiful lavendar dress. I finally found something Jenna could wear under neath it and Jenna had a great time spinning around in her dress.
Some of the pictures I already cropped so they don't all fit the screen like I would want them to...sorry!

There were too many pictures for one slide show, so here is the second set of pictures.

Long overdue for an update!

It has been month and a half since the last update. The brief rundown is:
We moved last Saturday into out new rental. If you need our new phone number or address send me an email and I will pass it along. Our cell phone numbers are still the same so if you already have those numbers you can reach us there.
Kristin started her new school last Monday and is doing great so far. We are very proud of her. Her new teacher sent this note home yesterday:
"Kristin is off to a wonderful beginning. She is quietly focused in class and is often found with her hand raised to give answers or to make comments regarding the material- so much so that I am unable to call on her all the time. During seatwork, Kristin is found quietly working on her work that she is completing each day. The procedures for the class are in need of practicing and of learning; but, this is going to take her a little more time. Kristin is making friends and is playing with these girls during recess. This is wonderful since making connections with other children is going to help her adjust to her new school environment." This has been a challenging year for Kristin and we are thrilled that she is staying on task in class and that her teacher seems to have a positive approach toward helping her.

Jason took a week and a half off to help with moving so his first day back at work was yesterday. We got him another commuter car (a honda civic) this past weekend so he we are settled in again as far as transportation goes. He just finished another class for his intelligence degree and is working on an English class currently. He went to Virginia this past weekend on a scout camp out. The boys went rapelling and he and an Army Ranger in our ward decided it would be fun to go down the cliff aussie style (face first). Another scout leader told me on Sunday that Jason said some really nice things about me over the weekend and I said it must have been because of that near death experience. Hopefully someone has pictures. I found a video, if anyone wants to see what it is:

I have a week off from school, I just finished my quarantine course and I start biology next Monday. Last week was a difficult week since I had to move into this house, clean up the old house and have a 10+ page report turned in by Sunday. I am hoping Biology will be a nice 'rest' class for me, I have completed many courses that biology is a pre-requisite for, but I never had to take Biology - until now. I am busy getting the house put together. I am trying to find places for everything and what I can't find a place for I am making a garage sale and donate pile. It will be nice to get some clutter cleared away.

Jenna, oh sweet Jenna. She has been a BUSY little girl! I will give a breif rundown of what is new in her life and then I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Jenna is now sleeping in a BIG GIRL BED! When we moved we got her a twin sized bed. She has adjusted pretty well to her new bed and has only fallen out once. OUCH! Kristin and Jenna shared a room in out last house, so the girls each have their own rooms now. Jenna keeps me busy cleaning up her little messes and trying to intervene before the next mess gets out of hand...here are a few pictures of recent mishaps:

Jenna plays hard but when she crashes, she crashes hard too.
Here is where Jenna took a recent nap:

and lastly, Jenna doing what Jenna does best. Bugging Dad. (That's what he gets for sitting on the floor to read his book)

As soon as I get the house situated I will share pictures.