Friday, February 29, 2008

Long Month!

A lot has happened since I last posted, but since I am in my last week of class (actually today is the last day) it has kept me busy and it has kept me from doing any updates.
Mindy- Here is a quick list of all the kids funnies I can think of since my last post.

Jenna calls hot chocolate 'chocolate juice'. It is funny to hear her ask for "chocolate juice, pwease!"

I opened the coat closet one morning when we were getting our coats on before leaving to the bus stop. Jenna has started a collection of the cheap rubber balls you buy at wal-mart. She has about 5 of them in various sizes and we have to stuff them in the closet and close the door quickly to keep them contained. When I opened the closet they all rolled out across the floor. Kristin (who has a very vivid imagination) said "Oh, no! All the baby goats are getting away!"

This isn't so much as something funny the kids say but we have already figured out one of Jenna's quirks. She obsessively checks between her toes for fuzzies! Checking her toes for fuzzies may not sound so funny, but it is the frequency that makes it hillarious. If you ever see her barefoot, make sure and ask her if she found any fuzzies. As a side note, I don't think there are EVER any fuzzies there. :)

Yesterday Jenna got riled up and decided she wanted to yell at mommy. She said something to the effect of "GO...GET...MY... Bwankieeee!" I said "Jenna why are you yelling?" She said "CUZZZ...I...WUV YOU!" I'm really not sure what that was all about but it made me laugh.

Jason's birthday was yesterday, I still need to add pictures from Kristin's birthday, we withdrew our offer on the house and found a rental instead (that is double the square footage of the one we are in now) and we bought a new (to us) car, Jason's putt putt is officially totaled. That's the breif version of the past month. After I turn in my final paper I'll be back with more details.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Speaking of hermit crabs....

Anyone who knows me know I can be a bit of a scatterbrain. Apparently it runs in the family. I went to the bus stop to pick up Kristin last week and when she got of the bus I asked her about her day. She told me what she had done that day and that she was on 'yellow' (for her behavior chart). Then she said "Speaking of hermit crabs...!!" I couldn't help but laugh, "Kristin, who was talking about hermit crabs?", I asked. We weren't at the time but apparently we were supposed to be. I told Amanda about it and she now uses it as a segue in everyday conversation. Maybe if enough of use it we can start our own catch phrase. If any of you get an inkling to talk about hermit crabs, please call my child. Apparently, we do not speak of them often enough for her liking. :)

Time for an update

It seems our family is going through a bit of a dramatic patch lately...
Kristin and Jason have both been sick, and now it seems Jenna and I have caught it, too. Jason called me this morning soon after he left to work to let me know he was in a car accident. He is fine, but his car is most likely totaled. We just put $700 in repairs to that car less than a month ago and were told it was in great shape and we would be able to drive it for many more years. So much for that. I'm just glad everyone was okay. We still don't have an update on the house we put an offer in on (a month ago today to be exact). We are expecting news one way or another this week. We celebrated Kristin's birthday last weekend so I will get some pictures up soon. Despite our recent trials, we are happy and healthy and aware that we are blessed.

I am still working my way through my epidemiology class and one of our assignments is to watch the movie "Outbreak" and write a paper on disease progression/intervention. I found out about this assignment in January and did a little research. This movie is rated "R" and is not based on a book. The movie editing companies recently went out of business so I couldn't get ahold of an edited copy. There is a new fangled DVD player that I could buy, that you can play unedited movies on and download the movie edit so when the movie plays, it plays edited, but it is pricey. I was getting worried about how I was going to get this assignment done without going to great expense and without compromising my standards. To make a long story short, the movie came on TV yesterday morning and I was able to record it on the DVR. I don't count it as a coincidence that this movie aired edited the very week that my assignment is due.

I hope all our family and friends are doing well!