Friday, August 29, 2008

So Rachael, what do you think?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WOOHOO, It's Back to School!

So our biggest news is that today is Kristin's 1st day back to school. We went to her school yesterday and met her teacher and figured out where she needed to go to get to her classroom. She is in second grade now. I debated whether or not to drive her to school today but Jason told me I need to grow up and put her on the bus. She should be home in about 2 hours so we are anxious to hear how it went.

Our recent drama is that we will likely be moving sometime between now and next April/May/June. When we moved into this house we intended to stay in it for the rest of the time we had here in Maryland. Our landlord contacted us about a month ago and he is heading towards some financial trouble (he is in real estate so not making much lately, I suppose). He asked if it would be okay with us if he put the house on the market. We first told him no, we need the stability for our kids (Kristin switched schools when we moved here) and we would finish out our contract which would be up next April. He called again about a week later when his employer laid off half their staff. He wasn't one of them, but it scared him and so he asked again. We really didn't want the house on the market, but we feel for him and the situation he is in, so the house is now on the market. If it sells we have 45 days to be out and if it doesn't sell by December 1st then he will take it off the market so that I can finish up my pregnancy and have the baby without worrying about having to move. The messy part of this situation is we are now stuck with each other until the house sells or our contract is up since he needs our rent money in the mean time. So far no one has come to see the house, so I am just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I unpacked the last few boxes about 2 weeks ago and set up my craft room, so I am trying to make use of it while I have it. (I'll have to take some pictures once I clean up my most recent crafting mess.)

Our good news is that the ultrasound is now scheduled and as long as the baby is cooperative we should be able to find out the babies gender on September 10. I'll make sure I do an update when we find out.

In the mean time we are finishing up Jenna's swimming lessons and are planning to start joy school soon with some other ladies in the ward. I finish my history class next Sunday and start a new one September 1st. We are getting ready for our wards primary program so Kristin is learning her part and I am trying to manhandle the 8-10 kids in my class. Jason is in classes again after taking a short break and we are both plugging along towards finishing up our degrees once and for all. I think that is it for now, here are Kristin and Jenna's pictures from this morning. (Jenna wanted to wear a new outfit and get her pictures taken just like her big sister.
The Boyd's

and a few pictures taken before church a few weeks ago: