Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look Dad!!


I found this today at wally world and couldn't resist.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making Stuff Part 2

I made this skirt for Jenna out of scraps I had left over from another project. I even did my own pattern! Of course it doesn't match the shirt Jenna is wearing but we were anxious to try it out for fit.

Making Stuff

Here are some of my latest projects:
Rachael's other covered wipes container.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How a Princess eats her breakfast

Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby now has a name!

Baby Names - Name Badge Ticker

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty, and sometimes attract pests.

Poor Jason! He feels outnumbered as it is. Then he found out he is going to be even more outnumbered. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and the ultrasound technician said she is 95% sure the baby is a girl. Jason can hold on to his 5% hope, but I think he knows the odds are against him. Amanda said that Jason needed to have daughters to soften him up, Jason's brother David (who has three boys) was ready to tease about a month ago just in case. I told Jason that "at least we have cute girls" which was no consolation. He decided when Jenna was born that for every girl we have he would need to buy a new gun to fend off the boyfriends in years to come. I am just excited to be half through the pregnancy at this point.

Baby was not really cooperative during the ultrasound, she did not like the ultrasound tech pushing on my tummy with the wand thingy. She curled up in a little ball with her chin on her knees and her ankles crossed and burrowed as low as she could get. We had to take a 10 minute break so that she could get comfortable and stretch out again to finish the scan. She did yawn once, but I missed it because I was looking at Jason (to see if he was crying, just kidding)

We are settled on a first name, so I we will go ahead and leak that now, but the middle name is still up in the air for the moment. Baby will be named Sadie unless we change our minds in the next 20 weeks.

I think that's it for baby news at this time. Jason will be busy busy with work for the next month or so, so if anyone wants to come visit for a week or so to keep me company, then come on down. We are both in classes once again. I am taking another history class and I will be very happy to check history off my list of classes that stand in my way of graduation. Jason is still plugging along as well. It keeps us busy.

The girls are as silly as ever and I have been mentally jotting things down in my pregnancy induced mush brain that were worth sharing for the past month. Hopefully I don't forget anything.

Kristin- Kristin is still enjoying school. I sometimes feel like we don't see a lot of Kristin because we send her off to school at about 8:30 and she is not back until after 4. By the time we get homework done and eat dinner it is time to start getting ready for bed.

Jenna- Jenna is a riot. We had a friend come over about 2 weeks ago who recently got a puppy. It was a 12 week old black lab. Really cute, but still pretty scary to a 2 year old. The puppy was really playful and liked to nip at the kids as they ran by. Jenna wanted to go see the puppy after lunch so I took her outside and sat on the steps while she went to pet the puppy. The puppy jumped up and it scared Jenna so she started running back to me. Of course the puppy chased her and nipped at her ankles and elbows as she ran. Poor Jenna, she screamed and said "I'm not tasty, I'm not tasty, I'm not tasty at all!" I don't think I have laughed so hard in years! Jenna keeps us entertained. I know there is more I wanted to write about, but I can't remember now.

That's it for now, sorry I didn't get this updated yesterday. It has been a really busy week!