Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My first tutorial, fun!

Here is how to make a skirt in an hour:

Start with 1 yard of fabric, this is my yard folded in half.

Cut your folded yard in half on the fold.

Wrong sides together and stitch the two short sides.

Now you have a big tube of fabric. It needs a hem and a casing.

fold down a few inches and iron in place.

fold your raw edges in to the middle of your ironed edge and press again. Do this to the top and bottom of the fabric. For the hem stitch all the way around, for the casing leave a gap to insert your elastic.

Here is the big tube of fabric with a casing on top and a hem on the bottom.

Cut your elastic. I cut my elastic to the size of the waist UNSTRETCHED. Then I overlap about 1.5-2" inches. Thread your elastic through your casing and stitch the gap closed.


And here is the happy recipient trying it on: