Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sadie is here!!

Sadie was born on January 8, 2009 at 4:36 pm weighing 6 pounds 7 ounces and she was 18.9 inches long. She was a few weeks early but is doing great. She has lots of dark hair. We are happy to be home from the hospital and are adjusting to having a newborn at home. For those who want the gory details read on, otherwise, enjoy the pictures.

I woke up around midnight on January 8 because Jenna started crying. I went to Jenna's room and laid down with her to get her back to sleep. In the mean time I started to pick up on some back pain that seemed timeable. I tried to rest for a bit and time my back pain when it was noticeable. I woke Jason up around 2 and we got the girls out of bed and to the car. By the time we made it to the base and had the girls settled in with friends it was closer to 3 am so we headed to the hospital. I showed up at a 3 (same as I was at my last Dr's appointment on Monday so we were sent walking for an hour. After an hour I was a 4 so they started the process of admitting me. This took long enough that the contractions started dying down so they sent me walking again,this time for 2 hours. (boring!! -The hospital had 6 floors and we know every inch of them now) By the time we returned I was at a 5 so they FINALLY officially decided to admit me for good. They called anesthesia and got me an epidural set up and then were going to break my water. After breaking my water we waited 2 hours to see what would happen and they check again and I was still at a 5 which was had been a long day already and still no end in sight. Pitocin was ordered from the pharmacy to help get things moving and unfortunately it took another hour for the pharmacy to bring it to Labor and Delivery. Finally the pitocin was hooked up to my IV and after about 30-45 minutes later I started to feel pressure. I was checked again and ready to push so after calling the Dr in and getting set up Sadie arrived two pushes later. I have been recovering well and was anxious to get back home from the hospital after staying 24 hours after delivery (which was necessary for one of Sadie's blood tests) Sadie spent her first day sleeping a lot which is normal, but the nurses were concerned about her eating enough so we had to try and wake her up for feedings. This was extremely difficult and we had to basically torture her (rub ice cubes on her little feet)to get her to even flutter her little eye lids. I only had to get up with her twice last night and if it were up to her she probably would have slept through the night, but she needed to be fed. Anyway, she has been very pleasant and really only cries when she gets her diaper changed (cold wipes) or is undressed. The girls are adjusting well so far and are really happy to have her home so they can hold her and help with her care. Jason will be home with me until My mom gets here on the 20th and then my mom will be around to help out.
Thanks for all your well wishes and concern, we are doing well!
-Melissa Jason and the girls

Sadie's Crib bedding

By request I am posting pictures of the bedding I made for Sadie's Crib. I fell in love with this Hanky Print Fabric even though I didn't think I would use something so girlie (pink and flowers??) The fabric is actually a Breast Cancer awareness print and the side panel reads "Love, Hope, Laugh, Sing, Play" which I though was appropriate for a little girl. I made two fitted crib sheets, one is patchwork cream and green and the other is just cream. I made the bumper, the dust ruffle and 2 blankets to go with it. I made a little pillow that just sits in the corner since I had a little extra fabric and a friend is making me a patchwork bear using the same fabric so I will have to add pictures of that once it is finished. I actually finished the last of the sewing on my birthday and Sadie was born the next day so the timing worked out well.
Anyway, here are the pictures: