Sunday, April 5, 2009

I remember!

I just remembered my other Jenna kidism. She made a mess in her room so I told her if she didn't clean up I was going to make her toys disappear. Her response? "You don't even have a magic wand!" Apparently she did not feel threatened. :)

Seeing Double

It has been a busy month or so since my last post. I made a smart scheduling choice that resulted in finals week in one class and mid-terms in the other at the same time. I survived and have been recovering ever since. On the off chance I can get the house in order I am sewing or trying to decide on the next project to work on. I don't have many recent pictures but I wanted to share these of Jenna and Sadie wearing the same dress at about the same age. Do you see any resemblance? (for those who are wondering the pictures go Sadie, Jenna, Sadie, Jenna, etc.

As you usual I have a few more kidisms to share. The most recent is Jenna. She does not like to be left home when Jason or I are leaving so she has started saying "Don't leave about me" when she has to stay home.
I know there are more, but they have slipped my mind, so I will have to update when I remember.
Jason managed to hit a rabbit going 80 MPH. Apparently if you hit a rabbit going 80 you are going to damage your car. In this case it was a rental. I am pretty sure the Easter bunny will be skipping (lol, or hopping) over our house this year.